Deer Wood Farm
Planting Info

How To Plant Your New Daylilies

When you receive your package of daylilies, open the package as soon as possible and make sure everyone is ok! Take them out of the packaging and put them in a pail of water to re-hydrate. Overnight is great, but a few hours will do also. Daylilies are amazingly resilient and can wait a little if you haven’t prepared your area, but it is always best to have that ready before you receive your plants.

Prepare the Soil

Work your soil to at least one foot depth with a healthy amount of organic matter (compost, composted manure, etc.) Remember that healthy soil is the key to healthy plants. Planting steps:

  • Dig a hole larger than the root mass.
  • Make a mound in the center of the hole.
  • Set the plant in place with the roots spread on all sides of the mound.
  • New plants should be planted about the same depth as there were growing before they were dug. Look for the band of white at the base of the foliage. The white part indicates how deep it was buried
  • Do not set the crown, the point where the foliage and roots meet, more than an inch below the surface of the soil.
  • Work the soil well around the roots of the plant.
  • Firm the soil (not by stepping on the soil, please!) and water well.
  • Make sure that you plant the daylily with a little well around the plant, sort of like the lip of a potted plant, so that when the plant gets watered, the water stays around the base of the plant without running all over the place.


Daylilies should be placed no less than 18–24 inches apart on each side. Making an alternating grid is a good technique.


It is a good idea to label each one of your daylilies with a permanent marker, but since we have yet to come across one of those, you might want to make a map of your garden. It's a great process both for observation and identification.