Landscape Design & Installation

We provide landscape services to residential and commercial clients. We’re not just landscapers—our services include design, consultation, site prep and installation. We take on a wide variety of project types such as landscapes, hardscapes and waterscapes.

Design, Coaching and Consultation

We work with you to design outdoor spaces that serve your purposes. Your input, tastes and lifestyle are combined to create design ideas for areas that enhance your outdoor living experience. This service has been very helpful for the homeowner or business owner who wants to improve their outdoor space and complete their project themselves.

We offer three options of consultation: meeting on-site, meeting at our farm or discussing online via email. The ideal situation would combine meeting on-site and meeting on our farm.

Meeting Onsite

This allows us a firsthand experience with the space you have in mind and better informs a discussion of the landscape challenges & opportunities. Onsite consultations can range from spending a few hours discussing your property to developing a comprehensive plan that would include a design and a list of the plant material you’ll need.

Meeting at Our Farm

You can visit our demonstration gardens and view the plant material that we grow. When setting up an appointment we’ll need to have measurements and photos of the space you want us to help design. We will discuss plant material and construction ideas, and upon leaving you will have a good idea on how to complete your project.

Email Consultation

Just like our farm visit, we will need photos and measurements. After a few emails to clarify your desires and the project’s guidelines, we’ll be able to give you insight on the native, noninvasive plants to use, plus construction ideas.

Landscape Construction:

We specialize in well-designed landscapes that tie into your natural surroundings, minimizing impact on the environment. We believe that it is not necessary to fight the site, and can build upon what opportunity your site has to offer. Whether landscaping, hardscaping or waterscaping, we have the installation experience to meet the demands of your project. Free estimates are always given. View our project photos below for examples of the quality of our creations.

Usually 3-4 hours of consultation will get you going on your project. Email us or give us a call for pricing.

Gardens with stone edging
Perennial gardens
Stone borders
Stone walls and granite steps
Natural ponds
Outdoor rooms and patios
Perennial gardens with stone boarders
Deer-resistant plants
Dooryard gardens
Mixed perennial beds
Natural fences
Native and drought-tolerant plants